Evil eye in islam and more important two things!

Evil eye in islam and more important two things!

Evil eye in islam
Evil eye


 Evil eye in islam

1. The evil eye is true! We all need to be careful and alert to the evil eye!
  "Wow! What a cute baby!"
 "Oh brother! Wow, do you lookbeautiful?"
 "Wow! Your bird is so beautiful!"

The above-mentioned words are very familiar in our daily lives. When we see something beautiful, we express our wonder and indulge in its admiration. But in the midst of this wonder and praise, we forget Allah. And without the name of Allah, hidden among these wonders and praises is a fearsome and terrible danger, whose name is Evil eye.

Evil eye is a type of toxic gaze that can cause a person to suffer illness and physical damage! However, it must be remembered that the gaze has no power of its own; the effect that exists in it is created by Allah.
In this age of scientism, many want to dismiss the Evil eye as just fake. There are many among our Muslims who do not believe in this Evil eye! They want to deny it for the sake of so-called science! But science is just a child for Islam. And the most important thing is that belief in the Evil eye is part of our religion, and the confirmation of this has come from Rasulullah himself. He said:
The Evil eye is true."
[Sahih Bukhari: 10/213]
In another hadith, Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi Wa sallam, said:-
The Evil eye is true. If anything could defeat fate, then surely Evil eye would defeat it."
[Muslim: 2188]
The following hadith is enough to know how bad the Evil eye can be. The Messenger of Allah, Peace be upon him, said:-
An evil eye leads a man to the grave and a camel to the cradle."
[Sahih Al Jame': 1249]
Let's narrate a case to show exactly how bad water can affect people. A very true story—the story of the Nawabi era. The event is:
Shahl Bin Hunaif Radiyallahu Anhu A very handsome companion. One day, he undressed his body to take a bath. At that time, Ameer bin Rabia (may Allah be pleased with him) was passing by. Sahl Radiyallahu was a well-built and handsome young man. Impressed by her beauty, Amir Radiyallahu Anhu spoke highly complimentary words. After that, Sahl Radiyallahu Anhu fell seriously ill. When this news reached the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, he asked whether the Companions suspected that anyone would notice this matter. They then spoke about Amir Radiyallahu Anhu. Then the Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, scolded him and said:
If he likes a thing, he should make Du'a for the blessing of that thing." Then Amir Radiyallahu Anhu performed ablution and washed his body parts as a cure for the sight. When his water was stored in a vessel and poured on Sahl, radiyallahu anhu, he recovered.
Dear reader! Note this phenomenon. Both companions and companions will be jealous of each other or wish evil; it is very unimaginable! And here it must be said that Amir Radiyallahu Anhu said something in a tone of praise and looked at him with that look. As we look at a fit person and say, Wow! What a wonderful structure she has! He also said something like that. So there was no malice or negativity here. For him, he was Badri Sahabi. But still, not having associated the name of Allah with the words of praise, a remarkable incident occurred even on the part of a great man like him, and the consequences were serious. A strong man like Sahl radiyallahu anhu! Just whose physical fitness has been praised by another companion? And as a result, he was immediately poorly. He became very ill.
Such events are often happening around us! It is not necessary that all events are the result of bad judgment! But the bad effects of gaze are real, and it is very important for all of us to be careful and alert in this matter!
Signs of an Evil eye:
There are several symptoms of an evil eye. If you see them, you can understand whether someone has been a victim of the plague. Here we mention some notable signs of Evil eye

How is everything going to deteriorate?
The incidence of acne and skin diseases is increasing!
sudden collapse of health!
Do not focus on work!
the instability of the body to work!
Frequently make mistakes and forget!
being heavy on the shoulders, head, or back!
There are some other signs from which the evil eye can be detected!

       Ways to survive floods:

Remembering Allah more and more!
If you see a blessing or see or hear something good from someone, say "Ma'sha Allah, La hawla wala Quwayata Illa Billah"!
Don't talk to everyone about your own happiness!
daily morning and evening rituals regularly!
Recite Masnun Du'a regularly to survive bad eyes!
reading Ayatul Kursi every time after prayer!
Regular recitation of Surah Kaafirun, Surah Ikhlas, Surah Falaq, and Surah Nas
We should be careful about Evil eye today. From looking at our own faces in the mirror to praising ourselves or others for anything or anyone, we must say Ma Sha Allah. Express the greatness of Allah and praise Allah. And always stick to masnoon du'a and dhikr. Try to keep yourself, your family, your relatives, and your neighbors safe from evil eyes! May Allah protect us from all harm. Ameen

2. Two very important things!

A] Know: Regarding salam
There's good news and bad news!
       [1] Good news:
He who greets first is free from arrogance." [Narrated by Abdullah (may Allah be pleased with him), Bayhaqi]
[2] Bad news:
One of the signs of the Day of Resurrection is that a person will greet another person only on the basis of identity (not on the basis of being a Muslim)." [Narrated by Abdullah Ibn Mas'ud (RA), Musnad Ahmad]

       Important Mas'ala:

[1] It is Sunnah to give salam, and it is wajib to respond to it. [But the reward is greater if you give Salam first.]
[2] It is utter kufr to salute a disbeliever unnecessarily, just out of respect for him.
[3] It is makruh to greet those whom it is not permissible to see.
[4] Greetings will be given when they meet. Even if there is a tree, wall, or stone hidden between each other, they will greet each other a second time after meeting again.

      A message:

We often do not greet the younger ones. This is a misconception. Salam can be given to everyone, big and small. Again, I refrain from saluting the poor just because they are poor. This is reprehensible. Try to greet the housekeeper, the gate guard, and the rickshaw puller; it will remove the pride.


Say salam with your mouth; there is no salam by touching your feet. Under no circumstances should this type of illegal activity be done. It comes from the polytheists and is among the forbidden salams of the Messenger of Allah; peace and blessings be upon him.
b] Know: Four forms of the same work:
The same worship can be Tawheed if it is done only for the pleasure of Allah!
The same worship can be shirked if that worship is for the satisfaction of someone else!
The same worship can be Sunnah if the method of worship is the method taught by Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam!
As well as
The same worship can be bid'ah if that worship is contrary to the Sunnah of Rasulullah. Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam!
So we have to worship only for the pleasure of Almighty Allah and in the manner taught by Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, and he should be imitated and followed in a correct and perfect manner. There is no exception to this.
Ya Allah Ta'ala! Grant us all Tawfeek to know, understand, and follow the Sunnah of Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam correctly and fully, and forgive us all, accept us, and protect us (Ameen).



Islamic Career- Islamic, Educational, Motivational, Scientific, Historical, Stories, Religious..: Evil eye in islam and more important two things!
Evil eye in islam and more important two things!
Evil eye in islam and more important two things!
Islamic Career- Islamic, Educational, Motivational, Scientific, Historical, Stories, Religious..
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